Parents are spending sleepless nights with their two sons suffering from dengue

Afsan Ilyach is 9 years old. The agile boy developed fever last Friday. Dengue was diagnosed the next day. Exuberance stops. After that treatment was going on at home. But he was admitted to the Chittagong Mother and Child General Hospital last Wednesday due to reduced platelet count and weakness.

Afsan was resting in a hospital bed on Thursday afternoon. Mother Shamima Akhtar was sitting next to him. Fatigue, fear in his eyes. He did not sleep last night due to worry. Shamima Akter told Prothom Alo that Afsan became very weak after developing a fever on July 28. Stops eating. But he was not like that before. He used to run around all day.

When talking to Shamima Akhtar, the clock is 12 noon in the room. At that time her husband said. Elias also brought their eldest son Afnan Elias (13) to the hospital. He stays next to the younger son.

Parents said that the eldest son Afnan developed fever on Sunday. Dengue was detected in the test that day. Treatment was going on at home for so long. But suddenly his body became weak from Wednesday night. Examination shows decreased platelets. Due to this, he also had to be admitted to the hospital.

Md. Both Ilyach and Shamima Akter are teachers by profession. Lives in Keshabpur Ward No. 9 of Sonaichari Union No. 8 of Sitakunda Upazila. They also have a daughter named Afrin Ilyach. Afrin is 5 years old. He is staying in the hospital with his parents.

Md. Ilyach said, their village is not far from Chittagong city. But did not see spraying to kill mosquitoes in the area. Many neighbors have been affected by dengue.

The truth of Ilyach’s words can be found in the words of another father, Shafiul Azam. He brought his 5-year-old son Yamul Azam to the hospital. Chittagong mother and child general hospital for four days. His house is in Bhatiari Union No. 9 of Sitakunda Upazila.

Shafiul Azam Prothom Alok said, ‘I have never seen any mosquito control program in the area. Members, chairman are all asleep. Because of this, many dengue patients are being admitted to the hospital from Sitakunda.’

Another 33 children like Afnan are undergoing treatment at the Mother and Child Hospital. A total of 89 dengue patients were admitted to the hospital. 59 of them are above 18 years. 22 people were admitted last Wednesday.

Talked at the hospital. With Selim. He is a day laborer by profession. Can’t do any work for four days. Because, his only daughter Afra Jahan (2) is infected with dengue. Salim said, if you don’t work, your stomach won’t move. Borrowed 8 thousand rupees from a friend in the last four days. This money was spent on hospital stay, food, medicine. But the doctor said, there is nothing to worry about. The condition of the girl is good.
A resident of Ferozshah area of ​​Chittagong city came to Meherunnessa Hospital last Monday. His daughter Jannatul Maryam (6) was diagnosed with dengue that day. Meherunnessa said, the girl’s condition is better than before. Now he is talking. Weakness is also reduced a lot.

Meanwhile, according to the Civil Surgeon’s office, 52 people were infected with dengue from last Wednesday to 8 am on Thursday. So far the number of infected in Chittagong is 3 thousand 57. 27 people died.

Civil surgeon Mohammad Ilyach Chowdhury said that dengue patients are still on the rise. Dengue season for the next two to three months. So everyone should be aware. Children should be kept safe. Must use mosquito nets.

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